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I am currently accepting requests for unique custom-made cymbals...

Click here to browse a few recent examples.

  • Contact me to start a conversation about your custom cymbal request. The more information you can give, the better. Vague thoughts and crazy ideas are welcome too!

  • We'll discuss the characteristics you're hoping to hear in your finished cymbal, and this will help me calculate a final price based on the material and workload we'll be dealing with.

  • Recordings and videos of existing cymbals that possess certain elements you'd like to emulate can be very useful, but not essential if the sound only exists in your head.

  • I do not offer to make clones of any existing cymbal, vintage or modern, rather to produce a unique Collingwood cymbal possessing certain characteristics as requested by you, the customer.

  • I ask for 20% deposit up front, at which point I will order the material and start work.

  • When I reach what I think is a suitable point in production, I'll send you a video of the cymbal being played with a variety of sticks (including any stick you request) for your approval.

  • From here you can suggest any fine-tuning if necessary, and I'll send a further video.

  • Once approved, the payment balance and shipping charge is settled and the cymbal is sent.

  • If the cymbal is not to your taste, I offer a 14 day returns policy from the date you received it, and full cost of the cymbal (including deposit) is refundable. Shipping costs are not refundable, and shipping charges to send the cymbal back to me are to be covered by the customer. This is dependent on the cymbal showing no signs of abuse, to be determined by myself upon receipt of the returned cymbal.

  • If the cymbal is not to your taste, there is also the option to make another based on your feedback. This can be discussed if the situation arises.

Contact me to discuss your ideas.

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