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My name's Dave Collingwood, I'm a self-taught independent cymbalsmith based in Bristol, in the South West of the UK.

I spent many years touring and recording around the world as a professional drummer, but decided to step back to look after my young children. At that point I started teaching myself the art of cymbal making, and Collingwood Cymbals was born.

My philosophy as a cymbal maker, and in general, is beauty through subtlety. I'm a firm believer in substance over style, and there's no space for gimmicks or visual distractions in my work.


I only ever sell cymbals which I myself like the sound of. Each is unique, and although I don't have a 'mission statement', I strive to make cymbals which possess character & dynamism, and which will fit comfortably across the spectrum of musical genres.

Here's some music I've played on...