Can I apply for endorsement / sponsorship?

Sorry, but Collingwood Cymbals does not run endorsement or sponsorship programs.

Can I visit the Collingwood Cymbals workshop?

Yes, workshop visits are most welcome! Please email me first to arrange a time that suits us both. Attended modification or repair sessions can be arranged, but please remember cymbals require some rest after being worked on before the full sonic character emerges from the metal.

Where do you source your material?

My cymbal blanks are produced in Turkey to create highest quality B20 bronze material, freshly made to my specification by one of the world's most experienced cymbalsmiths. They reach me within days of production, which allows me greater control and opportunity to push the material where I want it to go.

Do you offer a warranty and/or returns policy?

Yes, please see the relevant page for details.

Do you ship to my country?


I have a business proposal / press query. Can I contact you?

Yes, please email me to discuss.