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The Collingwood Cymbals Unhammered Clap Stack is made of 3 thin Turkish B20 bronze cymbal blanks. 11", 13" and 15" diameter, stacked together for that short, sharp digital "CLAP" sound.

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There are ways other than hand-hammering to shape and tension cymbal blanks which allows the "bite" and character of raw cymbal bronze to shine through, and is perfect in this context.

Because production is much faster compared to a hand-hammered version, I've decided to release these in pre-order batches of 20 at a time, at a very affordable price. I won't be charging for work I don't do!


Click here to place your order. I aim to ship each set within 2 weeks of pre-order, which allows time to order material and produce the finished instrument.

Please be aware that cymbal blanks arrive at my workshop with all sorts of different colours and "patterns" in the surface of the bronze, so each will be unique. The pictures below show some of the variation to be expected visually.

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