Digital Sample Pack - Collingwood Cymbals & Big Red El Cymbal FX Sample Pack

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A pack of 198 samples across 5 unique effects cymbal creations, commissioned by drummer / producer Big Red El.

The pack is arranged as follows:

CCBRE1 - Modified 16" crash cymbal, with holes drilled into the body of the instrument to achieve a quick, trashy decay.

CCBRE2 - 12" Hi-Hats, cut from two damaged Zildjian crash cymbals, rehammered and relathed to produce a tight, heavy and aggressive set of fx hats.

CCBRE3 - Custom made stacked crasher, the cymbal material of which is repurposed from the remaining off-cut bronze taken from one of the crash cymbals used to make CCBRE2.

CCBRE4 - Second custom made stacked crasher using the remaining off-cut material, cut to a different size for a different pitch and timbre. These crashers produce short, sharp clap sounds, almost digital, along the lines of 808 / 909 samples.

CCBRE5 - The modified crash CCBRE1 mounted on a floor tom, hit for a fast muted industrial effect.

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