Cymbalsmith Training​

Do you want to become a cymbalsmith?

Have you started repairing or modifying cymbals?

Would you like to work with raw blanks?

I'm now offering one-to-one online training, tailored to your level of knowledge and experience.

Even if you've never hammered or lathed a cymbal, I can help develop your understanding and process and figure out the tools and materials you'll need.


Sign up for regular sessions via my Patreon:

  • Free 15 minute session to discuss how training can work for you. Contact me to arrange.

One-off sessions are also available to purchase through my webshop:

"Dave is a joy to speak with! We touch base on tools, techniques and development monthly and I 100% reccomend it to anyone from beginners to advanced smiths!"

Mike Mongiello

"Dave is an excellent teacher and guide in all things cymbals.


He’s completely open to share all of his hard-fought wisdom and experience and my training with him has opened many doors creatively and for my business.


I’ve found myself more inspired than ever to dig into this incredible artform and Dave is a big part of that."

Timothy Roberts

Here's an example video from my Patreon post feed, discussing my thinking on how to prepare hammers for cymbal work.

"I Highly recommend Dave as a guide for anyone who wants to explore and study everything about making cymbals.


Very professional and very patient, he accompanied me from the beginning to the final product, while answering all of my questions."

Netanel Essabag