Brand new for 2020 - the Collingwood Cymbals ECLIPSE range of China cymbals, designed in conjunction with Chris Cartwright of Brighton-based math-grunge band El Moono. (Check out Chris' bio below.)

Hand-hammered and lathed in Bristol, UK, by independent cymbalsmith Dave Collingwood, using finest Turkish B20 bronze cymbal blanks.

The Eclipse line of China cymbals features a lathed bell and outer ring, leaving the majority of the body raw and uncut.

This gives a semi-dry, fast attack with plenty of character and a complex roar, great for loud punctuation and fierce strikes, with a good stick response for dynamic ride patterns.

The Eclipse China is a versatile cymbal, ideal for the drummer looking to add a new colour to the palette.

Smaller sizes are short & sharp - think experimental, electronica, free-form jazzpost punk, or just quick punctuation across rock & pop settings.

Medium to larger sizes start to roar - great for rock & metal, but still at home in jazz & more experimental settings thanks to the range of dynamics available.

The videos below show two models from the prototype phase - a 21¼" weighing 2313g, and 14½" at 978g.

Collingwood Eclipse China Cymbals are currently in pre-order, with all pre-orders receiving 10% discount on the listed price below and free shipping worldwide.

Available in the following sizes:

14"          £140

15"          £165

16"          £200

17"          £230

18"          £260

19"          £290

20"          £310

21"          £330

22"          £350

23"          £375

24"          £410

CONTACT ME to enquire further, or head to the store to pre-order!

20% deposit payable at time of order.

I aim to complete and ship all pre-orders by July 1st 2020, and upon receipt of balance payment.



About Chris Cartwright

Chris Cartwright is the current drummer of four-piece Brighton based math-grunge band EL MOONO.

By starting to learn the drums at 13, Chris has gone on to study music at the ACM in Guildford, Bournemouth and Poole College and most recently BIMM in Brighton, where he acquired a degree in Professional Musicianship in Drums. Chris has gone on to tour up and down the UK and Europe with various bands, releasing music along the way.

During this period he has learnt a lot about drum gear; starting out with Sabian cymbals, then changing over to Meinl a few years ago. Through this time, whilst preferring both bright and dark sounding cymbals, he didn’t feel as though there were enough in the current market that held both of these characteristics.

With a passion for using UK made gear, and stumbling over Dave Collingwood’s work, he commissioned a specific China cymbal that had a lathed bell and outer edge with the rest left in a raw finish. This gave the cymbal the dark, dry and bright properties that Chris was after.

Drawing inspiration from the band name EL MOONO, Chris came up with the name ‘Eclipse’. With Collingwood’s help and expertise, he helped make Chris’ ideas into reality.

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